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Farmers now have an alternative to the traditional home kill with a popular service offered by Hamilton Wholesale Meats and Greenlea Premier Meats.

The farmer can send stock to Greenlea Premier Meats, (phone your Greenlea Premier Meats agent to arrange this option), who will then credit the value of one or more animals (farmer’s choice) to Hamilton Wholesale Meats. This credit can then be used to buy whatever meat they prefer – lamb, pork, beef, chicken or an extensive range of other products, all at wholesale prices and of the highest quality.

Farmers have commented that they don’t always want all the cuts they get from a home kill, this way they only have to buy what they prefer e.g. the credit could all be spent on steak!”

Once Hamilton Wholesale Meats has the credit from Greenlea Premier Meats the customer will be sent a letter confirming the credit. All they have to do is use our shopping cart to send an order through or alternatively call us and arrange a collection date.

This new service to farmers has been developed with Greenlea Premier Meats in response to a demand from farmers. The credit can be put in the name of farm workers or other family members if required.

Our business is also open to the general public but as we have no retail outlet orders need to be organised by phone, fax or email a day or two in advance (minimum order $50).

Hamilton Wholesale Meats has been operating for 30 years, supplying bakeries, caterers, rest homes, boarding schools and restaurants.

We can be found at 22 Bristol Place, Te Rapa. First contact should be by phone to (07) 850 6150 or email